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  • A valid PA fishing license with Lake Erie stamp

  • Pennsylvania Trout stamp (if fishing for steelhead or lakers)

  • A cooler for your catch (for the car ride home)

  • 1 cooler per party on-board for food & drink

  • A camera (So you can have proof of your catches)

  • Soft sole shoes only (no cowboy boots please)

  • Motion sickness pills

  • Snacks (Please, no bananas)

  • Rain gear

  • Sweatshirt, jackets, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.

  • Beer! (Cans only- no glass bottles or hard liquor)

Fishing Walleye on Lake Erie, PA



other important information

For those people who feel they may get sick, or who know they get sick in rough water and are planning to take motion sickness pills, we highly recommend that you start taking the prescribed dose of motion sickness pills 2 days before your trip. You will find that they work much better than taking them the morning of. There is also a product called Motion Ease. It is a drop that you put behind your ear the day of your trip, and it works very well.


Reel Obsession supplies you with all rods, reels, tackle, cooler and ice for your fish on board the boat. Our boat is set up for trolling deep waters with down-riggers, dipsy divers and planer boards for walleyes and steelhead. There is no need to bring any extra tackle. If you are coming on a perch charter, you are more than welcome to bring your own light weight rod that you are more comfortable using. However, we are completely rigged with light weight rods for perch fishing if you choose to use ours. 

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